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Friday, March 05, 2010

Wise Cracks

Dadda- Whom do you like like, Mamma or Dadda?
Ojas- I look like Ojas

Mamma-while sleeping- Tell me what does Mamma do for you?
Tejas- Mamma makes me ready in the morning, takes me to school, reads for me, and fixes the curtain for me
Mamma takes the hint and gets up to "fix" the curtain so that the annoying stream of light coming from the window does not hit on Tejas' face

Who lives in XYZ apartments?

Tejas- Watchman

And meanwhile I have a news to share-

the sons are reading while on the potty- one supplies one by one and the other reads upto 10 books in a single visit.

1 comment:

dipali said...

You have true readers now:)