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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Travelogue- Snippets

Very quickly, where was I last week and what did I do
Gurgaon/ Delhi
Apart from work- which is besides the point, I had a fun time meeting brother, cousins etc, shopping at my favourite clothes shop, eating at Bikaner & Haldiram (uggh if that substitutes for lunch), having lovely home made food- after a long time -some one else was cooking and I was eating! Heaven!
Makes me almost go and hunt for a cook for recruiting in my home.
The number of times in the last few weeks I have wished that I had someone to make fresh food for me in the evenings particularly, makes me want to go and hire a cook.
Well, I digress. Apart from the above interesting stuff I did, I happened to visit the mad one to see her (home).
One could almost see a mental checklist hovering above my head as I ticked off all the stuff that she mentioned in the blog that I managed to see.
warli art- check
terrace with garden- check
the lovely innovative planters- check
houseguest- check
brat speak- check
beautiful beanie- check
OA- check
impeccable home- check
Apart from that she made a yummy marshmallow cake - we were supposed to eat the cake with the marshmallows and not pull them out as brat said.

So fruitful trip to Delhi- Gurgaon as I could do all that I had planned to.
The next stop was Mumbai where I stayed with a cousin- though I spent a total of 10 hours in her home- only 2 hours were spent in chatting and the rest was in sleeping and getting ready to leave for work. Aargh- but atleast we met and managed to pack a lot of gossip in the 2 hours we did talk.
I must mention the perfect cold cinnamon cappuccino and lemon grass chicken tikka that we had in aromas in Hiranandani - just perfect.

1 night and 2 days in Bangalore- missed meeting Poppy- absolutely no time but a friend did come over late in the evening and we had a fun time catching up over kababs and coffee in the hotel itself.
I had a yummy lunch in Samarkan in Ge Plaza Infantry road- the mutton chops is a must try- soft - softer than any meat I would have tasted till now- supposedly marinated for many hours before cooking in a "rogan josh" style gravy. Served with Afghani soft naans- pitta bread I think. Heavenly!

And I came back home last friday, heart full and suitcase full too with gifts of all sorts - to kids who were most excited to see me and more so for the Lion & Tiger that Mamu gifted - I was allowed to go on tour only on the condition that i would bring back a lion and a tiger, btw!


Sue said...

Nobody makes me any marshmallow cake.

*sits in a corner and sulks*

Come to Cal, do. Since I don't seem to be going to Madras. (I might next month but don't tell my boss! ;) )

dipali said...

Such fun!

How do we know said...

oh next time u r in GGN, pls let me know.. if u have the time, that is..

the mad momma said...

Come now Susie - I did make you a massive breakfast!

@ Itchy - I'm going to kill you for this post. K.I.L.L

the mad momma said...

Come now Susie - I did make you a massive breakfast!

@ Itchy - I'm going to kill you for this post. K.I.L.L

Krishnapriyacr said...

oh wow!! I still haven't started missing India, but this post makes me wanna come back!!!

Mama - Mia said...

totally nice!! :)