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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feasty Meaty Weekend err- even the weekday

We went to the Rampur festival at Taj Coromandal. The spices like yellow chilly, nutmeg, garam masalas, coconut, cashew and pista are what broadly make up the Rampuri cuisine.
We had yummy meats - chicken in tamarind gravy was interesting, apart from the usual cold cuts.
They served us the yummiest garam garam roti that I have ever tasted in my life- the dough was mixed in boiled milk, which lots of ghee, sugar and fennel and bits of pista... you could almost taste the boiled condensed milk in that.
The odd yet nice-ish dessert for payaaz ka kheer. And we were sorry we missed the mirchi ka halwa
The dessert spread included a richy darkest of dark and sweet chocolate mousse which was most noteworthy and tasteworthy.

Saturday Night was dutifully spent at GRT Grand hogging a huge buffet. Yummy chicken preparations- tandoori, lollypops, shawrama, prawn curry, mutton curry, biriyani... and offcourse to round it off- my favourite dahibada which I never miss- no matter what.
Hot gulabjamuns were served on popular request from our table and the entire dessert spread was almost gone by the time we reached the counter. Yet I had lots of chamcham and a rasgulla dipped in mango pulp and a yummy orange icecream combined with mango icecream

What turned our experience sour towards the end was that they charged us Rs 450 for one child.
I went up to the host and pointed out the mistake- he said we charge for kids above 5 years- and indicated in our case he has charged for 1 kid only. I pointed out that the kids are not even 4.5 years old. He said we normally charge for kids. By this time I was losing my cool yet managed to say- since when- to my surprise they say- always and I am very sure I dodn't dream that they do not charge for kids as I have been visiting this place since the last 4 years.
They said we cannot reverse the charges but I pressed on- asked them to call the manager as even if they cannot reverse the charges I would like to make a point about this. After a while the server came back to us saying the manager is not available but we will reverse the charges anyway.
Probably the honeymoon of buffets is getting over for us!! Especially since my kids are such poor eaters.
Sunday afternoon was a mutton biriyani lunch at a Muslim wedding.
We reached at 1 pm and were waiting for our host in the reception hall.
Ojas got impatient and said- why is the biriyani not coming and Tejas was chanting- I want fish I want fish
(that's another matter that I was chanting I want chicken 65)
But then the host threw cold water to my sizzling chicken 65 plans saying there is no chicken 65 in the menu plan.
Anyway, we finally made our way to the lunch area where our host very kindly had sent his relative to hold seats for us and another neighbour family- who incidentally are blessed like us with twins too!
So the 8 of us did the "bismillah" with leaf-full of mutton biriyani- we did not even touch the brinjal curry
Our host who knew exactly what we wanted to eat stood nearby and made his younger relatives serve us multiple servings of mutton only from the biriyani!!
Yummy!!! I think that was the best meal we had if I compare all three meals!- Satisfaction guaranteed!!


Gayatri said...

- itchy do u know there is something called natural balance?
- If u kinda 'take part' in all the non veggie experiences in town ...what does the rest of the world ( which includes ME) do ?????
- I always wished I had muslim friends ...who have marriages galore..
- grrrrrrr
- good u fought back gal :)

Itchingtowrite said...

LOL!! com come join the fun