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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stage is a Cake Walk Now

With bated breath I watched the performances one after the another. I saw kids hosting their well rehearsed lines, tiny guys doing all their steps to perfection -most of them not missing the beat or a step except a few preschoolers who preferred chasing bubbles on the stage.
I wondered how Ojas & Teja swould fare when their turn on stage came.
The teacher had given an encuraging report that they are doing very well during the rehersals.
I needn't have worried
Their group came on stage ared with Guitars and their Bob the Builder attire- t shirt, jeans overalls, shoes, caps.
They put their guitar down, did a few hand movements, picked their guitars, danced, sat down with their guitars... complicated I tell you - but they did not falter. I could not make up my mind whom to focus on- Tejas who was at the centre, his patent grin evident from far away, totally dancing for himself or Ojas who was making eye contact with the audience with half a smile on his face.
At one point Ojas' cap dropped and he bent over to pick it up but made it up by doing his steps in double speed to catch up with the rest and I noticed how at one point all kids had stood up but both Ojas & Tejas were still sitting with their guitars for a split second! Do their minds work similarly?
I am proud of my babies really and I am ashamed at doubting whether they would do well on stage at all! Love you babies! You make Mamma & Dadda proud


Sue said...

Well done, guys!

Itchy, here's a badge for you:

Kiran Manral said...

They are rockstars they are!! Am so proud of them. Give them a hug from Aunty K.

dipali said...

Yayyy for our twins! Well done, boys.

Gayatri said...

- cho chweet
- its so wonderful to see our lil ones on stage right?
- where are the snaps girlie?

Prarich said...

..and Mausi proud too!!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks Sue
Thanks Kiran will tell them
thanks Dips
gayatri- long story-c annot transfer pics now.. am waiting for the school snaps to come out

Rashi Sinha said...

That's so sweet... Smiled reading it.. I'm sure you are still grinning.. Hugs to both...