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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am rushing in to give my entry for the Blogathon 2 announced by Tulika a while ago- I know I am late but please excuse- I was travelling...
Water stories from around the world is a book I am quite excited about. The subject of water and water conservation being close to my heart, I would love to take my kids through it.
The first few thoughts on water conservation was planted way back by my Dad in my mind- he would always say- paani barbaad mat karo- paani milta nahin hai.- Don't waste water, water is scarce
Frankly, that's what got me thinking- we lived in a place where water supply was rationed - once or twice a day. And therefore we would fill buckets/ drums of water and keep it well covered for using throughout the day.
My parents were very particular about water recycling.
Whether it meant collecting the waste water after clothes were washed and using them for the toilets or using water after the first rinse of the vessels/ rice/ veggies/ soaked gram for watering the plants.
Growing up, I have inculcated that habit of conserving water.
We do not own water- our children own it. Therefore I would make every effort in conserving it. And more than that, it is important that children also undertsand the importance of not wasting water.
So I tell them to empty their water bottle into the potted plants or close the taps tight when not in use- little things that go a long way because it was the little things that registered in my head a long time ago.
On one hand is conservation and on the other hand is fun
Water can also be fun- A hot summer morning, I sent the kids out in the garden in their chaddies and made the gardener hose them down while he was watering the plants!!
Swimming is another fun aspect that my kids enjoy and so this is my little prayer to the God of water...
Let there be enough water to drink and play forever - let no one be deprived of the joys of water!


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Loved your water stories! All the best with the contest post that you've rushed through too!

durga said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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