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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How Was Your Holi?

Mine had all the ingredients that make up a fun filled day.
We started on Sunday itself as Monday was to be kept free for other things
Starting with a flower shaped rangoli made from abeer with the kids joining in especially after reading the book "rangoli" (pics cannot be uploaded- long story)
I made delicacies (if I am permitted to call them so) - malpua, daal filled parathas, mutton chukka masala (my version)
On the Holi day we wore new clothes, went to watch My Name is Khan and came back just in time to get ourselves drenched in the wet holi game the kids were playing- mind it- voluntarily! Madness no?
We bought colourful pichkaris and a bucket of colored water and hence suitably armed went to join the kids playing. I had to do a lot of preparatory work with the kids to ensure they dont wail when someone colors them. They were extremely enthu about the concept as they thought it was something to do with painting. I showed them the news and a few odd coloured people on the road to tell them what Holi "coloring" means but since they had their artillery (the pichkaris) hey were prepared to face the music errr art!
We oiled ourselves, wore the dirtiest possible clothes and bravely walked out to seek our 5 minutes of pleasure as the evening was getting cooler and I was not in a mood to risk anything for the sake of fun yet wanted them to start experiencing the concept of throwing colored water on each other for the sake of understanding our tradition (errr doesn't it sound good enough from a reasoning point of view?)
So being a 4 pair of 4 year olds accompanied by their Mamma has its advantages- Kids take permission before drenching you and then they dont mind being drenched with pichkari by you since its doesn't matter- they are already drenched and plus they are not competing with you. In that 5-7 minutes the kids emptied their half filled bucket, got someone to refill it for them, fought with Mamma who attempted to help them fill pichkaris and aim at others, bitched about another girl who poured a mug full of water on them and generally created a ruckus when someone borrowed their pichkari and bucket.
We quickly came home to a hot bath and a longing of wanting to play more and sat down to watch chota bheem which incidentally had an episode on Holi running so it reinforced the concept that I was so desperate to teach them!


ki said...

so cute :D I couln't play this year so I was sulking but this post made me remember MY childhood holis :D

artnavy said...

sounds like so much fun...