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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spot the Differences

The PTA meeting this morning reveals that while Ojas refuses to write, Tejas refuses to speak.
Ojas answers in group but Tejas needs to be specifically invited to speak. Similarly, Tejas finishes up the written work but Ojas needs a nudge and a push to write. Shamelessly sits without writing!
Why am I not surprised? We had our own share of those who would start sharpening pencil the moment they were asked to write and their own mamma too lazy to sing the prayer songs aloud in school- always lip synched!! The logic being why waste energy.

I was worried whether their speech is clear. The teachers assured no cause of worry. They have described in detail their birthday dress and the cars they got as gift (so that's what ultimately mattered?)
And the sad part is they are deeply focussed like their Dad and when engrossed in one thing do not bother about the world around- unlike their mamma who has eyes and ears roaming all over the place while she is eating, watching TV and reading and also disciplining the kids and maybe talking on the phone.
They sit separately in class but keep in touch from across the class with each other throughout, shouting across.
And when asked they insist that Ojas is Tejas' friend and Tejas is Ojas' friend
And brownie points to the Mamma for being the only Mamma whose snacks are varied and healthy not junk.
What am I glad about? Unlike the last PTA the teacher shows equal hope towards Tejas as well as Ojas. Last time I felt she was biased towards Ojas because Tejas is the silent. But she says she always does a check whether he is answering concepts


Ramit said...

You know what, most moms have roaming eyes and ears and the fathers are the quiet ones. Imagine if fathers had teachers who would invite you to PTA meetings, then how embarrassed you'd be!

Aaarti said...

just realised ur in Chennai..awesome!!!

Prarich said...

Well..Tejas is Mausi's baby!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sweet post! Loved the part where you talked about being all eyes and ears, of course, you deserve generous brownie points and so do the twins for their strengths!