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Friday, December 04, 2009

Kartik Deepam

Celebrated on Kartik Purnima day the significance of the festival is triumph of good over evil (as always)
I came to know of this festival only after I got married, rather only when I got married as a colleague mentioned that she is finding it difficult to attend my marriage as it is Kartik Deepam day!
"So Happy Anniversary" to us by the way! We had chosen to get married on full moon night at a club resort on the beach side... you get the drift!
So this Deepam was made special as I took extra effort rather than just lighting a single lamp in the puja.

White flowers is my current favourite so decorated the urli with white "chandni" flowers (to fit the theme!) and a sprinkling of pink roses and floated diyas in the water

The Diwali lamps were re-used by placing candle bits broken from the larger candle. This is by the way made by a self-help group in Chennai- Mallika Ramesh- 9444682283. A very soft spoken couple - the lady hardly talks but her husband was surprisingly talking impeccable English and knew a lot of other languages. They make a variety of wax filled candles which we ordered from them for gifting to our regional team in the recent workshop- works out for hardly 50 bucks depending on the size and numbers.Fruits & gulabjamun were duly offeredAnd the pujeris posed for a photograph for the records. Meanwhile a side show was on while I was doing the puja

O- Girl does not do puja (since Dadda is the one who does the daily puja)

T- no, girl can also do puja . See girl is driving car naa?


Praveen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Happy Anniversary! It was so nice to see the pooja pics! I loved the devotion and innocence in the faces of the little boys as they posed! It touched my heart.

Thanks for sharing and hey, wish you all a golden, happy life.

Timepass said...

Happy anniversary

Ramit said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more!

Yeah little dude, if girls can drive cars, they can also do puja! ROFL!

R's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary..and great photos...ROFL on T's comment :)

Devasena Hariharan said...

Hi, Happy Anniversary. Your post on Palace of Illusions, is very really good.

I want to read that book. You made me want to read it.

Now do lend it to me, sweet girl

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Itchy! Your boys are perfect, and their logic is to die for.


deej said...

So mamma is a girl then! All good!! DOuble Trouble are looking good, as usual!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks so much!! all !!