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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the Little Things that Matter

So what are the little things I have gained in 2009?
"This is an all about me post ....just saying..."
1. I have gained control over my senses- finally
exercised iron shakti control over my feelings & chucked out almost new size medium kurtas (customised hand embroidery by a fashion technology Graduate mind it!). That's is not all- did this chucking out 2 times this year
threw away toys that fell over my head when I opened the loft- if it falls over- it does not fit - so it cannot be stowed
2. To my utmost delight- I have gained a fan
none other than my aunt who reads my blog and spreads the word around! I am chuffed
3. I have gained a brother in law!
though very little time was spent together- blink and you miss it sort- but yes, we need to get together as a family atleast once a year!
4. I have gained my old network
Now I can count my blessings by the number of "likes" and comments I get on the crap I post on FB also
5. I have gained a lot of family time
by bunking office err taking my official quota of leave quite a few times!
6. I have gained... err created space
Didn't I say it already? I have thrown out so many things that I wonder why do I ever keep them in the first place
7. I have gained the knowledge that sometimes I can let go and it does not hurt so much
I missed the kids' sports day...bawwwwwwwwl. But the hurt did lessen with time
8. I have gained a place that is not among the donkeys- Gadha Janam choot gaya
attended a proper (non college) fashion show ... Thanks to AD... excuse me while I jump up and down like a villager...
9. Yet again Gadha Janam chootaa..
I have finally visited places out of India that are not called Singapore....even though it was via Singapore airport!
10. I have gained a bone that is not called lazy-bones
This year have tried lot of new recipes... those which are a little more elaborate than 3 steps- cutting, washing and putting in the cooker.
11. I have gained a little more confidence in my driving skills
Probably now I will not hesitate to drive cars that are not otherwise called Swift.
12. I have gained and prolly even lost self control
Managed to push off 3 kgs by diet control and a little walk when you talk. I think this is one battle that I need to win..
13. I have gained more party time this year
with friends, Chennai-men, & Country-men.... figuratively speaking offcourse..women also or mainly included rather... parties with neighbours, blog friends, relatives... life is good!
14. I have gained access to more books this year
Library, friends, and own collection and a variety which is more varied than what I have been reading all this while. Included authors and genres that I have never read before!
15. I have regained my punctuality
Aided by the fact that I have to drop kids to school everyday and leave to office thereafter
16. And I have gained a new wardrobe for 2010 before the new year begins even
Thanks to very well thought out, organised, planned and controlled shopping from Diwali onwards!
Happy 2010 Friends!!


Ramit said...

Happy New Year Itchy!

Monika,Ansh said...

wow.......u did well. I want to take some inspiration

Sri said...

Wow..nice list!Loved Point 16!

Happy new year to you and your family!:)

Lavanya Sriram said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2010. May all that you wish and desire for come true

Noodlehead said...

Nice! Happy New Year Itchy!

Itchingtowrite said...

hey guys thanks for the wishes and how was the new year?