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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moochhon waala and Ghunghat waali Rajasthani

So here are the (much awaited?) photos finally of the (much talked about?) Jodhpur trip.

View of fort Khimsar and the kingdomThe King's Living Quarters
And one of his chariotsThe Suit of Armor The Sheesh MahalDurbar ka BarThe blood curdling Sati Pol at the fort entrance (notice the size of the hand)
Rajsiya entertainment?

Puppet Show
Gaana Bajana
The Picnic in the Dunes


The camel who F @ rted
Black Buck & Chinkara NeelgaiBirds of a featherUmmed Bhawan- The residence of the King of JodhpurMehrangadh Fort built by several generations in phasesThe Holi playing compoundThe Conference room- notice the jharokhas on the side- 5 nos for his 5 queens esp needed when the king sought the nod" of his ranisThe King's bedroom- the bed is single and low so that if the "dushman" tie the king to his bed, he can lift it up and stand! so they say!Palanquin of the King
The ceremonial swords not used for war- yeh khoon se range hue nahin hai
Gulaab lake in the Blue City Jodhur- Legend has it that the concubine wanted something built in her name and the king got a lake built for the ever water starved jodhpur. The concubine wanted something for the son also- the King's assistance divided the lake- a quarter of the lake represents the son

And the Spoils of the War,

The Rajasthani Bundi and the leather animals


Praveen said...

Neat album.

Hip Grandma said...

Nice pictures.A very happy year 2010 to you all.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks!!! praveen, HG
wish u a happy new year too

Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely. Revived some memories

amit said...

beautiful pictures..The Picnic in the Dunes is my favorite..The Sheesh Mahal is attractive but the fan looks very odd to the situation..