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Monday, March 02, 2009

Chatpat Machli Ki Kahani

An easy reader Hindi book by Kiddz Books Publisher - tells the story of Chatpat the Archer fish who overuses her skills and suffers from great exhaustion.
A nice colorful A4 size book with large fonts and pictures that prompt a great deal of description gathering and background building.
This for instance is page 1 of the book
Now the kids had a good time adding on to the story saying that there is a jungle and there lives Mowgli.
Also there seems to be some gaps in teh story which can be filled in by the narrator very easily using the images as guides.
But a few spelling & grammatical mistakes that brings out the mental red pen within me.
Infact it was via this book and then reinforced by animal planet that I came to know of the archer fish.

1 comment:

Mama - Mia said...

these have english versions also. very nice ones. I have Charles The Chameleon that talks about how Charles cant change colour because he lacks concentration. and one more, i dont remember which!

hope to get all of em!