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Friday, February 27, 2009

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

What a surprise.... I never knew this place existed in Chennai...
A very short visit to Sparky's with AD between client calls...
A place where one has to spend a lot of time, drinking in the flavour of the place, enjoying just the feel of it, examining all the pieces up on the wall, reading thoroughy through the menu so that one can plan what to eat during the next visit.
Quantities that leave you full enough, so much so you feel sorry that you cannot try more dishes.
Go to these links to read more- they do such a good job that I don't want to write anything here. And an hour spent inside doesn't to justice.
Hindu review
That said, the gossip, food and the truancy contributed to a lot of recharge!

1 comment:

Aaarti said...

:)Aaah, your saying the place is good? cool. have been driving by but not stepped in yet... been getting mixed reviews from friends!!:)

Nice to meet another blogger from Chennai!!!