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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off Course it's Personal

Because he is an Indian
Because the song is in Indian language.
It is about each one of us. anyone standing upon or even away from Indian soil!
A friend says it is important to be in an important project in US to get an Oscar.
Can't beat that logic and can't argue that sentiment that after this, he deserves bigger awards for his other scores in scores of Indian movies. But the truth is that Rahman won. And that's what that matters.
To me it is well deserved because he is music in totality. His success is not a fluke. It is consistent. The award is incidental. It is global recognition to his work. Jai Ho is just a medium of the recognition.
The award may be his luck, being a part of a huge project and all but his success is not. It is repetitive. Year after year he has given us music that touched our soul, stirred us, forced us to foot-tap, dance and hum with it.
He has given us variety, away from the humdrum affair. His music has cut across language barriers, techniques and convention, his singers have crossed state borders...He is the true Indian in spirit and karma.
So how can it not be personal.
So that's why Milady Kiran, not just you, I also have tears in my eyes and I am sure there are scores of others pulling out their hankies & tissues, seeing Rahman win the Oscar!

The husband and I connect on Rahman's music because it has transcended across both languages. The moment I mention the music is by Rahman in a Hindi movie, his attention is sparked in that movie and I can bet the last hair on his head that he will buy the music of the same.
I would be lying if I say that Humma Humma or aye udi udi did not stir my imagination at a multidimensional level or that Vande Matram and Bharat Humko did not send shivers up my spine and caused tears of pride to prickle behind my eyes.
So here are my other favourites...
Dil se re- not just because it's a movie that I watched with the-then-not-my-hubby, but the fact that it's totally soul stirring
Is there anyone here whose foot doesn't tap to Chaiya Chaiya or tell me you never danced to mujhe rang de ?
Is language a barrier in Jiya Jale? Or Konjam Nilavu? Or in the music of Rhythm?
Expressing tiny wishes in Choti Si asha in a hugely impactful yet melodious way? How many of us thereafter did not think of our life dreams in these terms?
Whether it is Maiyya Maiyya or Barso re that sends you into a frenzy or a aye hairathe that creates vivid imageries of lazy, sunny afternoons with the radio playing softly in the background, Guru is a keeper.
If I have to talk of Taal, I want to mention each and every song, but it's the percussion that takes the cake for me- isn't it something on which you can fit in either a classical or a western dance? Though offcoures Jungle mein & Ramta Jogi are my favourites.
Yuhi chala chal gives fresh lease to my desire of being a singer! Hell, I am even ready to get into a truck if that makes you sing like this.
I can't decide whether it is ghanan ghanan that lifts my soul more or Mitwa?
And I so behko on behka! ...
*floats away humming kaise mujhe ...*


Monika said...

oh i so relate to hindi tamil thing there are times we are found singing the same song together he in tamil and me in hindi :)

and rahman rocks....

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Everything you've written about how melodic, inspiring and uplifting his music is, is absolutely true...I feeli it too. The man is a genius!

Mama - Mia said...


gorgeous post ITW! hubby is in the US and smsed that though rahman has had better scres, it was lump in throat moment seeing him on the stage. i got teary eyed just reading the sms just as i am getting teary reading the post and typing this comment! :)

and yes, i LOVE the Taal acpre the mostest perhaps. but then with rehman its tough!



How do we know said...

this is true.. his music has been consistently gud.

dipali said...

He's more or less synonymous with good music!
I remember his lovely music from Roja- such a wonderful and fruitful journey from Rukmani to Jai Ho.