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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh I So Dislike

  1. Jobless colleagues other than HR people sending email asking us to fill in our birthdays/ anniversaries. Grow up dears
  2. Colleagues calling you up during your holiday and then bitching about the company on the company phone (roaming charges applicable). Come to the point, shut up and let me enjoy my holiday. I am not in bitching mode.
  3. Account Managers calling you up on your holiday- asking you if you are sleeping at this time of the afternoon. When answered in the affirmative with explanation that yours truly did not sleep the ENTIRE night, they proceed coolly to discuss concepts for a very urgent and important project. And when yours truly falls asleep in the middle of the conversation they ask you to stand up & talk and continue with the sleep later. If it was so urgent, why is there no mail or project in the system after I come back to office?
  4. Chain mails in official mailbox - If I had the time I would send it back (insert prescribed number of times mentioned in the mail) times to the sender. Go flood yourself in the sender's mailbox.
  5. Bosses who believe that the reportee was to comeback a week before (s)he actually is coming back and make people call up and check why the missing person has not reported. err, I thought you approved my leave?
  6. Mails that insinuate that some project is in deep shit because yours truly is on a break (after a gap of more than a year). Get a life. Come to the point. You are not my boss. Anyone in this large team can bail you out. Remember that it is the technical person who will make the product ultimately.


Monika said...

oh this hit bang on...i hate such people and things

Mama - Mia said...

spot observations like always! :D


Phoenixritu said...

LOL so true! Now if you could please submit that report by noon - what you're STILL on leave???!!

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. catharsis is sooo gud!!