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Monday, February 16, 2009


So one night we were introspecting...
First Mamma...
What are the ways Mamma has beena bad girl today?
1. Tum car throw kiya (you threw the toy car)
2. Tum car tooti kiya (The car broke) I thought that was just 1 bad activity- they cleverly split it into 2
3. Tum shoutie kiya (You shouted at us)
4. Tum aise maara (You slapped like this - demo on cheeks)
5. Tum pair mein maara (you struck on the legs
6. Tum Ojas ko maara (You hit Ojas)
7. Tum Tejas ko Maara (You hit Tejas)
Dudes...You are splitting one act into too many..Let's combine 4,5 & 6 atleast
8. Tum Godi nahin liya (you did not lift us)- Well all the above were because of something you had done.
9. Tum car keys nahin diya (you did not give me the car keys) - well, why should I?

Ok Now Ojas
1. Hit Tejas with a car
2. Threw a tantrum
3. Disturbed Mamma while she was making Rotis

Now Tejas
1. Closed the door on Ojas' face
2. Did not allow Ojas to come inside the room
Ha, take that, You are not the only one who can split one act into two.
3. Threw a tantrum
4. Did not brush his teeth today

And now the various ways we were good boys & gal.
1. Made roti & yummy bhujiya for you (if you say so)
2. Read story for you (actually read out a story and all the while compared the protagonist with us)
3. Allowed you to make tiny rotis (as if you had a choice, remember how many times you shouted at us)

1. Ate roti & bhujiya like a good boy
2. Did colouring nicely
3. Made cute rotis
4. Ate food nicely in the morning
5. Kept the crayons back in the box

6. did not play with the oil today

1. Ate roti & bhujiya like a good boy
2. Did colouring nicely
3. Made cute rotis
4. Ate food nicely in the morning
5. Brushed his teeth well
6. Kept the crayons back in the box
7. Did not mess up the oil container today

Now whose list looks better? Who looks more bad boy/gal for the day?
Go judge for yourself


Monika said...

oh thats a lovely Exercise.... and lol ur twins are too smart

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Interesting exercise. Dare I try?

Rohini said...

So did Tejas not brush his teeth well or did he not brush them at all?

Mama - Mia said...

how can we judge such an awesome Mumma and such smart n adorable kids!

no way woman!



NC said...

:) nice!!! you are the winner anyways. :D

Itchingtowrite said...

ro- did not brush at all.. i chose to go with it rather than battle the tantrum

DotThoughts said...

ofcourse you are the winner.. what a great post, itchy. I am inspired now, may I?