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Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Add Colors

We did whatever was absolutely neccessary- the food
chana daal stuffed paratha (it ought to be pooris but we are dieting naa)
mutton curry
maalpua- complete hit with the kids- none of us got round to eating them
dahi vada- vadas purchased locally and converted to dahi vada (idea patented by my mom)
prawn curry (farm fresh prawns)

and we wore our whites- all of us and went out to the beach and look at the "yellow moon" as per Tejas.
Tejas- We want to go to beach
Mamma- we are on the beach
Tejas- no that side- meant the sandy part til the water
So we did just that- whites and new sandals and all. Ojas & Tejas wan on puppy legs holding Dadda's hands.
Mamma crying out from behind battling the sand with her heels.
Ojas runs back to Mamma and holds her hand saying -we go slowly Mamma, Ojas tired.
Walked up to the water and watched the moon rays on the dark sea.
Now's the moment to get poetic- talk of how the waters, waves, sea look in the reflected moon light etc....but I will let it pass.
We walk/ run back Ojas still bravely holding Mamma's hands while wanting to sprint across. So Mamma removes her sandals- much to the concern of Ojas who threatened that I will also remove sandals Mamma, you wear your sandals.
So Mamma leaves him that you also run with Dadda & Tejas baby and my baby does that and comes back to hold Mamma's hands to ferry her across the sandy path!
Oh yes! not to forget the bike & car ride at teh kiddie go carting


Monika said...

such a lovely day and they lool adorable in their white kurtas

Monika,Ansh said...

wow lovely day :)

Artnavy said...

they look cute in their whites

i want channa daal stuffed parathas please!!!!

mimi said...

wowwwwwwww..sounds like a fun fun day!!!The boys look really smart in white kurtas..There is something about little boys in white kurta that tugs at my heart..:)May be the Pipette will have a brother ;)