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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Silly Mamma

Mamma gives Tejas a wash and proceeds to wipe him.
Ojas- Ojas ko kyon wipie kar rahi ho (Why are you wiping me?)
What can I do, when both of you are standing full monty next to each other?

Now Tejas is a big boy, Teja scan go to the toilet on his own.
No, Tejas small ho gaya..
reaches to the TV- tries to touch it and pretends to fail.

Tejas- points at Microwave- Aisa wallah kahan hai- where is (object) like this?
Mamma- It (microwave) is here only.
Tejas- no aisa wallah, turns the knob.
Light dawns
Mamma- Oh, the mixie has gone for repair(white color with knob)
While dropping them to school-
Mamma- if you touch anything I will put nosie medicine for you (nose drops that they dread much to my advantage)
Tejas- Mamma where is the nosie medicine (knows fully well it is at home)
Mamma- in my purse.
On the way back from school
Tejas- MAmma where is the nosie medicine
Mamma- distractedly- at home
Tejas- gleefully- then why did you say purse? jhooth bola ? (you lied?)
Mamma tries to draw a peacock. Draws an oval then the magnificient tail.
Tejas- crying- this is not peacock this is chocolate.
(as it resembled a huge candy with one side of the wrapper drawn)
Seeing a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates...
Ojas/ Tejas- Mamma, what is this?
Mamma- lies effortlessly- That's for decoration
After a while...
Ojas/ Tejas- Mamma, I want this..points at the chocolate
Mamma- what is that?
Ojas/ Tejas- Chocolate laddoo
Dadda is drinking Sprite
Ojas- Mamma I want that juice
Mamma- that's water
Ojas- I want to drink that water.


Tejas is locking the fridge again and again

So Mamma screams- Tejas, unlock the fridge, I want to take eggs out.

Tejas- To lo na eggoo, sout kyon kar raha hai (So take eggs naa, why are you shouting)


Ojas & Tejas are running out of the garden gate at lunch time.

So Mamma shuts the garden door.

The duo enter the house and Mamma hops out of the door to lock the gate.

She turns around to find herself locked out of the house and a giggling pair threatening her- tum Ojas Tejas ko Lock kiya naa.

Mamma had to beg the and cry to make them open the door for Mamma


Swaram said...

They are one smart pair. Love to them :)

Just Like That said...

LOL at the full monty identity confusion.
They do keep you busy, don't they? :-D

Monika said...

smart boys!!! hugs to them

choxbox said...

they are SUCH fun!

Inder said...

twin masti :)

Shobana said...

Smart kids!

How do we know said...

:-) They are smart kids all right!

Mama - Mia said...

OMG! Thank Ojas and Tehas for laughs, will ya?!

jhooth bola! so wicked! :)