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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Give an Impression of Being a Smart Homemaker

Ah well, if one were to drop in unannounced in my mom's home, she could always dish out a quick halwa or yummy pakauras or sometimes even some sinful maalpua...
But alas, self has no such talents and if some one were to drop in unannounced at my home, I would be calling my grocer for juice and biscuits and snacks.
Until I discovered that I could do some tricks that could save face and project that I am a great homemaker.
I list down my quick & not-so-quick, face saving ideas...
  1. Weekends are for preparing for face saving during the weekend. I mean there are only so many number of times that you can pretend that since you are working you have absolutely no time and therefore no snack to serve at home (read, whatever was bought has been eaten up already)
  2. I usually bake cake, caramel pudding (believe me both are very quick to do), make some kheer and retain it to ride over for the next few days. What is good about a kheer is that it can be cooked while you are cooking other stuff. The jaggery and rice kheer stays even longer and according to my taste buds- they get better as they age in the fridge.
  3. Anther good idea is to stock some icecream at times. Add fruits and voila- frut salad can be unleashed on that unsuspecting guest
  4. Did you make some dhokla using the aashirwaad or the MTR mix this morning? Keep a few aside and add curd, mixture, chutney, pickles etc to serve dhokla chaat.
  5. Popcorns anyone? Get your ActII ready...Quick and voluminous...
  6. It helps to have some watermelon deseeded and stored in the weekend. Nothing as jazzy as serving a watermelon juice. Or for someone who wants to do more labour- fresh lime soda, mousambi juice or mango/ banana shake. *ah i can hear them saying wow...such a talented homemaker*
  7. Make your chutneys in the weekend... tomato/ coriander/mint/ raw mango...nothing like serving them as sides if your husband gallantly offers dinner/ lunch without consulting you first.
  8. Keep peanuts handy... very quick to fry and serve
  9. I ensure I have bread handy on weekends. Simple logic...weekends, I make chicken so if someone comes over the weekend I can easily serve an awesome chicken sandwich naa.
  10. Finally have a trusted grocer's number who will send stuff at 5 minutes notice.


Monika said...

very very helpful tips itchy

Phoenixritu said...

Always keep boiled potato and peas ready. Add them to besan with some masala for a ready pakora snack, or mix some mayo and make sandwiches that can be grilled and served at a moments notice

Monika,Ansh said...

Okie. You do sound like a very very good Homemaker to me. Very helpful tips there :)

Mama - Mia said...

very cool! i also do a quick fasaan starter. take any mix, add a bit of pyaaz, tamatar, hari mirch and tomato ketchup. mix well, garnish with dhaniya. its yummy! and yeah boiled potato is good to have! if nothing you can make quick stuffed potato and it looks damn fancy and all!

i also keep some raedy to fry frozen snacks. best is al kabeer cheese and jalapeno sticks and the mccann potato smilies!

i also make steamed corn. just add butter and black pepper, aur pyaaz, tamatar and chat masala! voila!



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing!

sreedevi said...

it is a nice and useful tips. i might use it .. especially for my nephew

sreedevi said...

it is a nice and useful tips. i might use it .. especially for my nephew

clueless comrades said...

Better still, dont stay at home during weekends.