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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sibling Love or Siblings Gang Up

So Mamma asked Tejas to get the nose drops for Ojas who was refusing to eat.
Tejas promptly brings it and also holds his face to help me put the drops in the nose.
As Mamma's hand looms closer with the offending nose drop, Tejas protectively puts his palm on Ojas' nose and says- nahin, nahin karo (don't do )

As Mamma locks the door every night to get the bed ready ie lines up rubber cloth and the works- Tejas bangs the door from outside and shouts- Nahin close karo, kitna baar bolenge (don't close the door, how many times I have to tell you)

Mamma was reading out The Boy Who Cried Wolf with lots of modifications in the story- like the wolf lived in the jungle- the same jungle where Mowgli & Sher Khan lived and that the sheep were not killed but just injured by the wolf ...and as she reaches the part where the villagers are angry with the boy for telling lies, Ojas & Tejas stand up and get a different book.
Mamma asks - what happened? Don't you want to hear this story?
Ojas/ Tejas- No, they are angry in this.

Ojas was crying at some random "chot" (bruise/ hurt)
Mamma wante dto distract him and asked him to get the phone.
He stops crying, gets the phone and climbs on Mamma's lap, and resumes crying.
Mamma says- why are you crying now?
Ojas- abhi chot lagaa naa ( I just got hurt naa)


Timepass said...

hmmm.the kids have grown up now..let me prepare myself for this phase from now itself

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

'abhi chot lagaa naa?' Awww! How could you forget so soon mamma?