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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When Ojas Refused to be Fooled

Ojas notices that Mamma is getting ready in her finest attire and loading a lot of make up on her face. He asks quite non chalantly- Mamma kahan jaa rahi ho?
Mamma mentions unabashedly- Baby, Doctor ke paas.
Ojas recalls quickly that just a few minutes ago he had stumbled on the staircase and as far as he remembered Mamma had done nothing of that sort to merit a visit to the doctors. So he quietly goes to the shoe rack, puts on his sandals and bides his time by the main door.
Tejas follows suit because only fools and the slow ones get left behind.
As Dadda & Mamma walk out of the door, Ojas & Tejas follow them. Dadda lies effortlessly - we are going to doctor baba, we will come back and take you for a round.
Ojas gives a look which said- are you kidding? Give us a round after you come back past midnight, judging that you are leaving at 11 o'clock in the night?
Instead of protesting he pointed at his legs and said- Ojas also doctor, Ojas chot naa!
Mausi asks- will you go to the doctor?
Ojas- Yes
Mausi- will you take injection?
Ojas- defiantly yes
While Mamma and Dadda think to themselves that another brilliant excuse has flown out of the window.
As if, just to burst this myth, there is an opportunity to visit the doctor the following week and both of them realize the truth that not every doctor visit culminates in an injection and the stethoscope chek up is quite fun.


Mama - Mia said...

haah! kids are always one step ahead! nahi?!



Ritu said...

LOL, the Mamma of Twins didn't raise no dumb kid

Monika,Ansh said... tell us what rea the new excuses u think of! Need some tips here too.
& smart kids there :)