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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sea Side Party

Was the theme at school and Ojas had to go as an Octopus and Tejas as a Penguin (Peggoo).
So what should a clueless Mamma do?
Google for it.
This was the starting point and this gave me ideas for the head gear.
I had decided to tie ribbons or paper streamers to a belt and put a red polka dotted bandana (already available at home) for the head gear - which was incidentally called as ladybird by Ojas. One day while driving to work I was debating with myself how I could improvise on the octopus costume as I essentially wanted something that will stand out rather than stay limp on the sides.
So what is long and thin and stiff ...balloons off course. I was amazed at my inspired thinking and so were the teachers.
So 4 balloons, the legs and the arms make the 8 tentacles of the octopus .

For the penguin, I decided to get a plain black shirt which would be worn over a sleeveless plain white t shirt. As luck would have it, I couldn't get a plain black full shirt anywhere. I tried making a waist coat with the black garbage bag and failed miserably with my limited seamstress skills.
So I had to settle for a full sleeve skivy style high necked black T shirt and I wanted to cut it from the front to make it look like wings. But then the stingy side of me overtook my creative side and I settled for stitching a sleeveless T shirt onto the front of the black t shirt This coupled with a white pajama and a cap covered (very shabbily) with a white and yellow paper to make the headgear- eyes, beak and all completed the penguin.


dipali said...

We need bigger pictures- can't see how cute the boys are looking!

Ritu said...

Yeah - bigger pictures please. They look like Pirates to me - not the penguin and octupus

Mama - Mia said...

ok! i am gonna home-school Cubby! too much work i say!! :p

and good job yet again, Mommy!