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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Left Handed Compliment

To prove that he is my son Ojas favours both hands.
Well, I use the left hand wherever there are control issues- I am more comfortable controlling the bike or cycle with my left hand so I can easily leave my right hand free while riding, or minute activities like threading a needle and probably a host of other things which I have not really noted.
And I note Ojas has been picking up his left hand for writing. While he is often forced to switch to right hand I am of the opinion that it should not be forced on him. His teacher mentioned that she has not focussed specifically on directing him to use the right hand because the hand orientation develops only after 3 years of age and the experts say it is best not to force the child to switch to right hand as it leads to emotional and physical problems and overall making the child feel inferior - a bad handwriting is just one of the resulting problems of forced switch to right hand. They even have problems in learning to tie their laces, telling the time, using the computer mouse or simply opening the autolock on the door - I have noticed Ojas finds it a challenge to open the autolock or that he was slower to learn to open the tap.
And here are a few ambidexterity exercises - the Greeks encouraged it as it was invaluable in war.

And off course- all is not just about left handedness- there is also left sidedness which means it is possible to have a dominant left side in any part of the body- eye, foot etc


Monika,Ansh said...

that's informative.U r doing the right thing by not forcing him.

Ritu said...

One of my sons is left handed - he has a bad writing ..... but I ensured that no one forced him to use one hand instead of the other. I think bad writing is due to brain working faster than the hand - or sheer laziness

just another mommy said...

Actually - you are right about causing physical problems. My husband and his brother are both lefties (their mama was a leftie). My husband was left alone and his handwriting actually looks like print on paper! His brother was however forced to use his right hand (by his grandmom) and now not only is he confused - he uses right hand to eat but left hand to write - but his handwriting looks like a 6yr old's! We think our son may also be a leftie though it's too soon to tell. I am just going to let nature take its course.

lumi said...

My daughter is a lefty and was born that way. As soon as she was able to reach for and grasp things it was always with the left hand, even if you put it in the right hand it was transferred to the left hand. She's 15 now and she's not suffered one bit from being a lefty. She has beautiful handwriting, so much so her 3rd standard teacher never noticed she was a lefty!