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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food Notes

Heavenly, to die for chocolates...
Wawel Tiki Taki dark chocolate- with a soft crunchy coconut based filling. melts in the mouth. best eaten in room temperature. refrigeration hardens the filling.
Wawel Kasztanki- dark chocolate, soft crunchy wafer based filling
Ghirardelli Dark chocolate with Raspberry filling- rich luxurious dark chocolate, jammy sweet raspberry
Riesen chocolate chew- chewey caramels, goeey fillings, ultra smooth, combo of dark outside, caramel inside
Grupo Bimbo Karameladas Pop-caramel popcorn... yummmmmazing

Solidarnosc Golden Pralines- assorrted bag, loved the coconut inspite of myself, and pista.

Bourniville chocolate range from India- yumm..dark chocolates..loved the almond best! And so I was buying them and Ojas asked me - Mamma is that chocolate. I lied - no baby it is book.

So he points at the picture of chocolate on it and says - is this book? this is chocolate.

At home they were having that chocolate. So I asked what are you eating?

They answer- Book!

Meanwhile..there is a toy fest on at Landmark citi centre & spencers upto dec 31


Monika,Ansh said...

Lol....your twins are a smart pair!! :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

They never fail to make me smile!

and btw, YUMMM!

Ritu said...

LOL LOL You better watch it, they will soon have you jumping over hoops

Timepass said...

LOL so when i meet the twins, i will get books for them...

Monika said...

lol!!! smarty guys

BTW i love those dark chocs too my fav is the raisin one

Mama - Mia said...

could feel my weight increase with all those sinful chocolates!

and Hubby and me whooped with joy when we saw return of the Bournville! only decent dark chocolate in India!!

now if only Amul comes back with its dark choco!

and O n T are so so smart n cool!