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Monday, December 22, 2008

In My Day Dreams...

I have always wanted to dance enchantingly with my husband. I would picture candle lights of the home or soft lights of a party or the bright lights of the discotheque and a tall macho husband whirling me easily on the dance floor. Slim waist, happy face, strong arms and lithe body to complete the picture.
Alas, there are strong arms and happy faces but the rest is all missing.
For my dear husband is absolutely embarassed about dancing in public. Even if I manage to drag him to the floor he will look somewhere else and dance while I would be making eyes at him, hinting him to dance with me.
For someone who cannot sit still when music is being played, it is quite a dampner when the partner doesn't share the same sentiment. And more than that the other couples dance romantically with each other and you see what you are missing.
I was very keen that the hubby and I dance on our engagement night. So I suggested that both of us enrol for a formal class and get the basics right so that the onlookers (yes, it's always about onlookers, always about log kya kahenge) could sigh- what a lovely couple, what perfect coordination, what chemistry... I pictured a salsa, or the good old ball dance. Doesn't hurt to be prepared for your engagemnet party like the celebrities do.
But the husband vehementaly refused to make an ass of himself in a dance class and proceeded to make an ass of me everytime we happen to step on the dance floor.
Therefore to my rescue are these safer forms of dancing guaranteed to be non judgemental-
1. with kids- mine or anyone else's will do.
2. with the gang of (girl) friends- matching steps with steps, ho-halla, hangama and generally have a good time expending those calories.


Devasena Hariharan said...

Sighhhhh!!!!! Me too share ur emotions. Everytime, I try to wriggle or squiggle, Hari tries to stop me saying that its a 15 year old flat. Down floor people will hear a elephant's whopping thumping.

How do we know said...

i soooo agree... the life partner cant be dance partner.. you know, that movie.. rab ne bana di jodi.. they made it for ppl like us... in our dreams all right!

Monika,Ansh said...

Add t the list a drunk husband. My husband will only come to the floor if he is a few pegs down. It also arouses the romantic in him. Isn't it sad ?

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You girls can borrow my hubby anytime you want. He's the smoothest dancer I've ever met and he loves moving on the dance floor. Me? Well, I guess I can be the only girl in your hubbys' group!

Ritu said...

I love to dance - only in the privacy of my room - fav. partner THE WALL! Sigh its the only thing I hate about being single

dipali said...

We do dance, both equally ignorant and graceless, but its fun! And rare, too, now.

Hip Grandma said...

should I coax him into dancing with you in public?

Itchingtowrite said...

deva- ha ha..not now anyway.. stay put now.
how do we- not yet seen the movie but will off course.. sigh if only life partner wud be a good dance partner
monika,ansh- dutch courage?
M4- u bet none of us will like that also! we like to hav our cake and eat it too..ha ha!!
Ritu- or the pillow?
dipali- touch wood
hipgrandma- u r welcome.. use your charm!! or by hook or crook ...

Noodlehead said...

N's a lil funny that way, he'll ance but not with me! so i console myself by saying that he has two left feet! but like you, now i've taken to dancing with BB...we have a such a blast. Boogie woogie is our fav song :)

Itchingtowrite said...

noodle- cute

Mama - Mia said...


you know just the otha day we went for an engagement party and the couple had a super cute filmi dance choreographed and i did go sigh!! :)

both M and me are ghaati dancers!! we dont have grace but just love to dance! so no romance shomance! just masti! :D