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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Theatre Workshop

I attended this theatre workshop on Saturday. While I had been extremely excited about the program, honestly I found it a little too elementary for my tastes. On a positive note, the facilitator could be used further to develop a more corporate suited program.
And in my opinion, there were too many wake-up games....Well, I had not gone there is the first place to sleep so it was totally unnecessary and hilarious so to speak. I was intent on trying to guess the objective of the game and was a trifle disappointed that it was just wake-up- no team building or any such thing.
I remember a classmate of mine used to say- we are adults, if we choose to sleep and not pay attention, it's our loss. There is no point forcing someone to listen to you.
And more than that, I have come to the level where in if there are gender differences, it is more out of choice than coming from the workplace.
The participants were intended to be corporates so role plays that are "home" based doesn't solve the objective.
Yet another experience that left me disillusioned with these over rated programs.
So this was one of the games..
Concept- Mirror
What we had to do- One person is the mirror, the other is ..well..not the mirror.
The mirror needs to do what the other person does.
So I am the mirror and this guy does a few gestures that I imitate.
Then he hitches his pant up.
I do the same.
He- No no no I didn't do pant is lose....


Rohini said...

LOL at the pant hitching up :D

Monika,Ansh said...

lol..sounds like fun nonetheless :)

Mama - Mia said...

i am so sick of corporate trainings!

the more you attend, the more bored you get. you realise just when the trainer is trying to get a reaction or just an argument!

they all tell you to be open minded and then refuse to accept a trainees PoV come what may! its all quite dull and boring.

very rarely is the facilitator charismatic enough to make same shit sound better!

and the hitching the pants! very funny! and shouldnt it be loose?! :p



How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. both the posts are very funny!

Anonymous said...

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