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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiny Thoughts- Bunking

So I bunked office and went off for a lunch at City Centre with a friend. And I wondered why it was so full of shoppers. Young girls, mothers, men even. What were they doing on a working afternoon in City Centre?
Were they sales people bluffing their way in their offices and coming here on pretext of a client call?
Or were they people like us who simply bunked office? Why the heck is everybody bunking office the same day I am doing so?
And that brings me to the point that why the hell all bunking population are seemingly going to City Centre via the same route I am taking- judging by the crowd in my lane and in my direction?
Were these shoppers college goers with an afternoon off? Great Life!
Were they housewives with kids in college or school and a free afternoon off for shopping?
Or were they travelling personnel taking some time off and doing shopping just like what I do when I travel?
I begin thinking - what potential India has. A huge percentage of employable people shopping on a Tuesday afternoon? Go to a Nallis or a Pothys and judge the potential.
I look at the buzz at the coffee shop, a guy dozing on the bench, the Security idly looking at the crowd and my friend typing furiously on the laptop. Same place, different pace, Single system, different players. I am reminded off the Physics problem (theorem?) wherein a ball thrown vertically upwards in a horizontally moving train falls back into your hands because you and the ball and the train are a single system and there is no net individual horizontal motion. I feel the same as if I am outside this system, observing each player. I take in the scene, smile to myself and walk in to join this system.


Mama - Mia said...

so so true ITW!

now i wanna bunk too! :(



Monika,Ansh said...

So true.

Having experience of having 3 shops in the Kol city centre, I can vouch for the fcat that these are certainly not "shoppers". Maybe "window shoppers".

deeps said...

imagine the plight of students ( teacher's as well) seeing their teacher at a cinema during class hr!