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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Adult Admits About An Accident

I will never forget my Third Standard classroom, the one on the first floor - nor the exact spot I did it- 2nd line from the door, last bench.
Sue pointed me to Tara's post and my heart went out to the little boy. Go on, read them before you read the rest here.
So I was in class 3 and it was a wet and rainy day. We had a free session of 90 minutes totally to go before we left for the day as the teacher was absent. A supervising teacher filled the time while we self-read- rather had a gala time - talking, leaving our desks and generally annoying the teacher. Now our school had the concept of a break every 2 periods so that the kids could ease off their bladders and not bother the teacher during the classes.
This was an exceptional day and as (bad)luck would have it I remembered badly wanting to pee right after the break. So I controlled because I knew the teacher would get annoyed at me for asking so soon after the break. And then I controlled some more and found I could no longer control so I went hesitatingly to ask - Miss please may I go to toilet.
The by now exasperated teacher refused in no uncertain terms and reminded me that I could go after the school was over.
So I went back and controlled or tried to. Made 2 more visits to the teacher and she still refused.
To my relief the school bell rang signalling the end of lessons and we stood up bag & water bottle in hand - to say our prayers.
To my horror, I lost control and peed standing right there- the last bench of the 2nd column of benches. I couldn't stop it and I couldn't hide the wet puddle near my shoes- though- thank God for dark maroon skirt which didn't make it too obvious on me. A few girls in the next line of benches commented - hey she's doing no 1. I just turned and retorted that it is just the water from the bottle falling down- I just hope they believed me or perhaps they were too focussed on leaving school and rushed out. I waited until everyone had left and made my way to the toilet to finish the job.
I can still remember the helplessness I felt but after so many years, I don't even remember the teacher who was supervising that day and neither do I remember who commented on my state.
Years later, 20 years to be precise, I went back to show hubby my school and laughing at my then self took a picture of myself sitting on that same spot on the desk-to mark the spot and class where I had had that accident 25 years back from today!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hy heart goes out to the little girl from 25 years ago!

But also a thumbs up to her as well for being quick-witted enough to give an answer to the pointer sisters!

Artnavy said...

such a cruel teacher

remember recently in corbett and how vi had to run every hour or so- another cruel super boss there

Monika,Ansh said...

Oh that's such a sad incident. I hope the teacher got to know what had happened & felt mighty guilty about it. What a cruel lady!

Sue said...

Aww Itchy, such a mean thing to do. I know how exasperating it can be, but to make you wait for two whole periods.

Let's form a club. :) We'll call it CTT.

Mama - Mia said...

what a mean teacher!

but hey you have always had your wit about, havent you?! :)



Itchingtowrite said...

prolly i wudn't blame the teacher. the class was totally undisiplined and she must be clutching at the few remnants of authority and control she still had ove rthe class. that said, i never ignore a pee call anytime

Ritu said...

Some teachers are just wicked unfeeling bullies. I had one like that when I was a little girl. She always had kids peeing in her class - and it does things to the little kids' dignity.

Anonymous said...

i had a similar experience, only difference is, it was No. 2 n I told my partner, it was the crow perched on the window not mine! he sure didnt believe it, looking at the quantity n color n i had a hard time convincing him. sorry for this elaborate description!:)

Tharini said...

Sorry for the late comment. Thanks for sharing the story Itchy. I guess this is one of the times when we can happens to us all.