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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ojas Tejas Begin to Write...

...Right on Dawaat Puja evening.
Tejas has started putting strokes which resemble an A without us teaching him.
So we praised him and clapped him while Ojas looked on. He got very annoyed that we were clapping for Tejas and took his slate and began drawing. He drew a banana, a strawberry and a brinjal and they were quite close to the real thing!

The new cycles are a hit. They do double riding also and carry a lot of toys in the basket.

They are familiar with both Hindi and Tamil vowels. I am trying to speak more and more in Hindi with them to hone their skills and get them comfortable with the basics. So instead of saying fish I say machli or pankha for fan and so on...I have become used to talking in translational language- talk in Hindi followed by English or English followed by Hindi so that they understand both.

Put the CD of Jaane tu and the first strains of guitar(?) played. Ojas immediately said- billi waala song- that was kabhi kabhi Aditi...

Snippets of their conversation
Nani- go on cycle and buy me chips & chocolate
Ojas/ Tejas- no, only tomorrow. It is spicy (teeta) na.
Nana- Give me some chips (from what you are eating)
O/T- first say please
Nana- Please
O/T- now wash hands
O/T- no its spicy
Nana- please give
O/T- now its over, how will I give

Nani- Tejas what are you doing
Tejas- tum baat mat karo (don't talk)

Ojas- Nana don't move
Tejas- Nana move karo
Nana moves a bit
Tejas- looks at Ojas- dekho move kiya
Ojas proceeds to hit Nana for moving


Monika,Ansh said...

Already writing.!...kudos to Ojas & Tejas :)

chandu said...

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Ritu said...

A budding writer and a budding artist - great. Momma, you must be so proud of them. Kaala Teeka

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

They'rw writing already! Wow! You must be so proud!

dipali said...

two cute!

Mama - Mia said...


we love O and T updates! always!