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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dear Ojas & Tejas

Gosh! you are 3 today! You are no longer classified as an "infant" in a journey ticket- even though I would like to tell the damn travel people that to me you are still babies- tiny people to be carried in the arms and made to sit on the lap- like you do in the movies, or wish to do in the car. To me these are precious moments- when I hug you tight and hold you in my arms- your tiny arms clasped round my neck, the little head resting on my shoulders- observing the world around you and the legs wound round my back.
Well, we have achieved most of the milestones we wanted to- as listed a year ago on this blog-

  1. Potty trained- check- actually this issue is no longer on my radar- you are well and truly trained in the sense you do not mind going to a loo even if it is not your own toilet- making my life easier outside our house. The last pack of diapers - pack of 2 pampers lie unused in the cupboard- found some time ago during a clean up. You can even estimate and inform us that you are going to do a big potty.

  2. Boot the Bottle- achieved pretty soon after your 2nd birthday accompanied by a huge sigh of relief from your Mamma
  3. School- check- already cruising on the 2nd term, and passed the 1st term with flying colors making me one proud, preening purring Mamma who relished and swallowed the cake, chocolate, chicken sorts (and making Dadda proud too offcourse).
  4. And school took care of the swimming part too - water activity weekly once and hopefully full fledged swimming subsequently
  5. We have moved over to story books like Panchtantra, Jatak tales and Noddy/ Pooh/ offcourse.
  6. We have enjoyed a glorious year full of activities like puzzles (and many more to come), sticker book, building blocks, coloring with crayons, pencils and chalk and play doh- honestly not so much.
  7. Self feeding happens only if there are snacks or non veg- well- leaving no doubt that you take after Mamma's tastes.
  8. And we did the writing of both sorts- on Vijaydashmi and on Dawaat Puja

1. This year we will focus on making you more independent - in tandem with what the school is attempting- you must be able to do everything necessesary without Mamma hovering around.
2. Let's try painting at home- with aprons and paints and the works. I think it is high time Mamma gets over the sheer laziness and aversion to painting- something she obviously sucks at!

3. More play-doh and work with fingers- something that we have to do so that your pencil grip improves.

4. We will try to make time for outdoor activities- zoo, beach etc.

5. More books and concepts off course anything to exercise your mind

6. Socializing in another activity on the cards- and that should be something beyond the familiar- new places to go

7. 5 S- This is something you must get used to. We have enjoyed messing around so far but now, we have to learn to keep our toys and books neatly and in an organised fashion.

And here's wishing you both a very Happy 3rd Birthday.
We have a lot of work cut out for this year!


Rohini said...

LOL! This post is so you, Itchy ;-)

Double hug for the double trouble. Happy birthday, Ojas and Tejas.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Happy, happy birthday boys! Wishing you lots of cuddles, kissies, cake and cocoa-laden goodies!!

As for you, Itchy dear, hugs and happy Mummyversary! Wish you only joy, delight and laughter with your little ones!

chandni said...

happy birthday boys!!!!

Chaitali said...

Happy Birthday all three of you!
Your boys are so lucky to have a mum like you.

Cuckoo said...

Yippeee cake time!! Happy birthday to you and you :) Have a lovely day and may the year ahead be wonderful too.

ps: Keep up with the naughtiness, mamma loves it and so do we :)

IBH said...

Happy birthday boys!

Blogeswari said...

Happy birthday Ojas and Tejas!

dipali said...

Happy birthday, boys.
Itchy, you are so methodical- I'm impressed:)

AA_Mom said...

Happy Birthday Guys. 3 is a big number. Lucky you the terrible 2s are far behind now.

Hats off to your organisational skills itchy! Didn't realize you have 2 Shahrukh Khans on your hands.

GettingThereNow said...

Happy (belated) birthday Ojas and Tejas!!

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy Birthday, Ojas and Tejas! Hope you had a wonderful day.

B o o said...

Birthday wishes to Ojas and Tejas from Ashu and Antu. And congrats to you for surviving three years! Expecting the party update soon.

Itchingtowrite said...

hey girls- thanks so much for the lovely wishes
party updates will happen soon!!

Mama - Mia said...

belated wishes to O and T!

you have indeed done your mamma and dada proud and we have LOVED reading about your antics!!

keep rocking dudes!

and awesome work ITW! :)



Usha said...

I am a bit late. Please accept my very best wishes for a happay and happening year O and T!