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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Memory Recall

The hip and happening blogger Phoenix Ritu who incidentally shares my pet name tagged me to bring on the memories.
So here goes
My oldest memory
is of a 3.5 year old lone me walking around in the school playground during recess eating a guava out of the tree at my home and hiding it behind my back after every bite. I was shy and thought people will make fun of me eating a guava at lunch- that too not sliced but whole. And I bore the entire ordeal bravely until I tackled the 2 guavas my Mom had packed in my tiffin box.

Ten years ago
Exactly on this date? A group of classmates had dinner in celebration of a meet well organised in MBA School- And why do I remember this- of course because then-not-my-hubby was in the same group! And he had dropped me off to my hostel on his bike! But generally, we were chilling out in MBA 2nd year, having fun, classes, exams, spats because the competition over placements had begun, bossing over getting friendly with juniors...Life was good yet there was this constant worry of placement in the backdrop.

My first thought this morning
Get up, the kids have to go to school

If you built a time capsule what would it contain
All the good times I have had and all the good people I have had in my life

This year
Has been eventful with many milestones met- the kids have joined school, our business has completed a year, and more than anything I have matured as a person in many ways I would have never thought of. I have made new friends via the blog and re started reading books with a vengeance - in true bookworm fashion

14 years from now
I fully intend to grow old in style, be a hip mamma of teenagers who would be surely tearing my hair out, and perhaps retired early and doing my own things. I definitely see myself working but not in regular work force. 'Touche'

In my unique manner, I tag all the November borns who visit this page this November '08


Monika,Ansh said...

Hey! Nice Tag. That memory about the Guava was really funny. :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Loved reading this.

Ritu said...

I can picture the little girl with the guava, I really can :)

Aim at being the irrepressible brat when they are teenagers - I tell you it works. The kids mature faster since they have to bail you out of trouble

Mama - Mia said...


nice reda like always ITW!



chandni said...

oh I have the same tag pending!!!! will do it now :)

Ritu said...

Hey, what is your pet name? Is it Phoenix or is it Ritu