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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

My Children My Buddies


Two pairs of little feet jumped together in the water accumulated after the rains.

Up they went and down they came with a


Creating a crystalline crown of water droplets around their feet, totally unmindful of the rain that showered on their dark heads.

Unmindful of the fact that their pristine white shirts were getting dotted with big blotches of rain drops and would soon soak them and their skins.

Surely earning them an earful each from their mom.

Well, they were safe. They were being photographed by their Dad who was making a portfolio of a rainy day.

He clicked a picture of a leaf with shining pearls of water droplets.

And another one of three pomegranate seeds casually placed on the metallic water splashed boot of a car.

And one more of a wet frangipani blossom.

What he needed was a natural photograph with children in their element.

He needed something more evocative.

The twins would make a pretty picture with their naughty faces lit up with laughter.

The twins would truly give a different perspective to the rain series of photos.

A pair of legs and a crown of an enormous water splash.

A pair of delighted, ecstatic faces turned upwards to receive the shower of rain.

A pair of naughty boys running in the rain, creating a riot of water splashes as they chased each other.

A true kushi ke pal capturing the moments of togetherness between the father and the children, benefiting boith because the father gets to shoot that perfect photograph and the kids get to pose and understand how each pose affects the shot. Evident from the fact that after every single photograph, the kids ask to look at the result and then pose differently to help the dad capture the perfect photograph.

Buddy parenting in the true sense is interactive rather than instructive parenting. A learning experience that perhaps end up benefitting both the children and the parents.

It is an emotional experience because it involves all the facilities of senses including the heart and the head.


The remote controlled helicopter shot out into the sky.

To the chorus of excited whoops and shouts

They ran
They hopped and skipped
Following the craft

The Dads loved it
Boys and their toys

Fell the craft after a brave round of flight.

Many pairs of eyes followed the flight path.
Or rather the landing path

A part went missing

But thankfully was retrieved

The Dads tried hard to repair
The child was brighter

He pulled out the manual
And identified the way it should go

And Zooom
The craft flew again

Truly, it is important to sometimes take a step back and look at the scenario dispassionately because sometimes we do not have all answers. The child found the answer even as the adults could not because logic operates in many ways than one.

Oh c'mon
Where is the eject button
in this new car stereo
Said Mamma exasperately

The child pointed out to the right button
Oh, he would alsways press the right buttons

Mamma, look at the symbol

Oh yes said Mamma
Time I used other facilities
apart from the obvious

Symbols and not Words
That is how the kids communicate

And truly we grow older and miss out the obvious learning steps. Time to reflect upon the basics and see how that can be applied in our day to day life.

Truly said, children perhaps have more common sense than us.

And therefore a buddy style of parenting focusing on learning together rather than teacher and taught is richer and more effective than the traditional style

What is your Kushi ke pal aka Kellog's pal? What is your own learning moments?
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