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Friday, July 17, 2015

Shopping at in the comfort of your home

A shopping trip without moving away from the home can be best done at an online site like jabong
Creating a profile 

I logged on to and quickly made a profile for which I was given some free vouchers for posterity 

The profile creation was simple enough with a verification required. Not too many details were needed and that is a blessing.

Shopping on jabong
The first step was to shortlist a brand which would be the most simple to buy.
I chose from below because these are the shirts that my kids have worn earlier so I kind of know what would be the sizes that are good to pick up.

This being my first time on jabong  it took me  a few minutes to get used to the site but I liked the speed at which it sorted basis my choice of brands and age group and gender that I selected. However it was a little tricky because when I selected boys, age 11-14 and the above three brands I ended up with two choices.  I had to put in a broader age group choice to get more brands. 
But once I had figured out the way of doing it the process was smooth. There was a good choice of brands and designs and I loved the fact that the stuff were heavily discounted. Multiple views were given and the quick view helped doing back and forth with ease.


What I did not like 

The sorting by price was not very efficient.
However the moment I clicked on a larger size the price increased so it was not showing the price of clothes as per my size but the lowest price across age ranges which sort of frustrated me as I would like to have a quicker shopping experience.

What did I buy

I selected two shirts for the boys from gini&jony
The shirts were Rs 899 each but discounted to Rs 539 so I paid a few Rs extra including a small amount for tax. The order process was smooth and quick and I got a quick confirmation on my purchase.
The package 
I got an immediate confirmation and the package arrived today taking 48 hours to reach me which is quite good in terms of speed because in the days of instant gratification one wants to have what one purchased immediately.

See below the goodies. 

The shirts are pure cotton and good however I expected slightly better quality and smoothness of fabric considering it is a reputed brand and the original price is as high as an adult shirt. 

The acid test would be a few machine washes and I will update the post as soon as it passes those test stages. 

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