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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Crash Diet Woes

For years I have substituted honey for sugar in my smoothie/ juice/ lassi/ coffee recipes.
Honey Diet would be a good term for the same because I reduce or remove white sugar from my diet altogether and it also gives me a nice, rich, honey taste which I love.

Do not get me wrong. I do not believe in dieting. Only in making lifestyle changes.

Honey instead of sugar was one such lifestyle change which allowed me to have my favourite drink without compromising on taste but making it lower in calories.

Most people today try to crash diet which means they follow fad diets or eat unbalanced meals or just do not eat at all thereby calling on the body to store more fat.

Instead of 3 large meals, one should take 6 small meals to help the body handle smaller amounts of food .

The body should get a  good mix of carbs, protein, vitamins, fibre. Rather than doing the fad diets which focus on just one group of nutrition one must go for a balanced meal plan which gives all the nutrients to the body.

Some diets believe in fasting and therefore doing a detox of the body. Which means the body goes into starvation mode and begins storing fat as energy. One tends to then over eat the following day and lose out all the benefits of the fasting in any case.
Weigh yourself two days after a day of fast and you will sense the shock.

For example, I use the following

On rising- lassi/ coffee with honey or buttermilk. sometimes when time is a crunch - it is simple honey lemon and warm water. Honey is believed to cut cholesterol.

Breakfast- cornflakes/ oats/ upma/ dosa without oil/ idly
Midmorning- tender coconut/ fruit/ vegetable juice, a boiled egg
Lunch- 1-2 glasses of cold water, Cup of salad, 2 roti, vegetables, daal, buttermilk. The water, buttermilk and salad will help you control the food quantity to near ideal
Afternoon- fruits
Evening- fruit
Dinner- before 7.00- 7.30 pm- soup, salad, wheat bread- 2-3 slices/ roti & salad/ veggies/ oats

Ensure you take 12-15 glasses of water. Can also include the tender coconut, juice in the tally.

Fruits, salads, oats give fibre.

Tetrapack juices are not always good- remember the sugar added so focus on getting drinks made at home and remember use honey not sugar.

Everything counts- yes that small piece of chocolate too.

Attain your target and then allow yourself one treat day in the week- not before that.

More importantly, honey is a good tool for beauty and has good skin benefits too. It makes for a great face pack meaning you can have it and eat it too!

Check out  for more understanding on honey and its benefits. The site also has calorie calculators and meal planners which will help one in a healthy diet plan.


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