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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Catch the Match

Cricket match? On a working day?
No problem.
It is not like the eighties that one needs to be at home to catch the match. I remember people being glued on to the transistors even in those days so that they could follow a live update on the match. Today, we have moved further.

One could still skip work and watch the match in the privacy of the home. But the busy individuals do not like to skip work yet have the best of both worlds. So better still watch it at work. Cricket is a grand unifying force. Cross functional teams get together and get glued on to the TV to watch the match and match the others in the cheering or booing. And those who do not sit with the rest, watch it on their computers! Technology I tell ya.

Cricket Match during that birthday party?
Ah well, no problem. Just screen the match on one side of the party hall. Your party will be a bigger success.
And while you are at it, make it a cricket themed party so that the kids spend a fair amount of time playing and watching. Leaves you to watch the match in peace. But then, no cricket matches are watched in peace. Are they?

Cricket Match during classes?
It is a no brainer. We do not go to school that day. And even if we do go, we keep asking the teachers for the score who in turn are glued to their phones to see the scores.

Cricket Match on the day of your travel?
If cancellation of travel is not possible then you sit near the TV sets on the airport and of course surf at every possible occassion. Or may be, just take the train, You do not need to switch off your devices there.

Cricket Match is in itself a celebration.
It brings people together and creates a bonding across cross sections of people. World cup especially prompts people to get together and watch. We once set up a screen in our building and wore India tee shirts to watch the match.

But sometoimes when you are travelling and you need a fast connection to watch the match, you may get stuck with dodgy internet connections.

Make use of this dedicated space for cricket fans as below. This space is a browser which has faster speed so that one does not face the problem of buffering as most browsers and would enable you to follow the match in real time. A true boon to souls who are forced to miss the match due to unavoidable reasons.

Have a go at the browser. See the benefits below.

Details on UC Cricket.

UC Browser provide the best cricket service in India including Live Scores & Latest News.

Want to check the score? No need to google anymore! Download the UC cricket immediately.

How to find cricket?

Open UC Browser - HomeScreen - Find "UC Cricket" with blue icon


- Live Scores with auto update

- Fixture & Result

- Latest News

- Videos

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