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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Number Game

Monika tagged me and here it is:
One for husband- the only person whom I can love and hate at the same time, the only person with whom I love to spoil for a fight, and the only person with whom I can sit quietly for hours together and yet feel annoyed when he moves away from shouting distance
Two for twins- Ojas & Tejas- I feel I am the richest person in the whole world when I have one each cuddled and huddled on each of my arms
Three for siblings- bro, sis & me- stands for sharing & not sharing clothes, lecturing the bro, our combined stay in Chennai, and assorted moments of "bachpan"
Four for home- number of years spent in the "own"'s not big enough, it's not the house of my dreams but it has a garden- a house of my dreams has a garden anywhere anytime.
Five for marriage- number of years we have been on date...
Six for friends & relatives - with whom I can take off from where we stopped anytime and anyday
Seven for self realization- the class I was when I realized I don't have a steady best friend in class! See "six" above- I don't regret it so far!
Eight for days of the week- which I wish for - the 8th day being the one I need to recoup from the week bygone!
Nine for family- we have moved from 5 to 9 in the last five years...K, twins, SS...and you bet this is a dynamic number- may the tribe increase...
Ten for Work Ex- 2 jobs, 10 years, and I feel I have miles to go yet....

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Monika said...

loved reading this we are same on 4,5 and 10 :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Very nicely done!

Sue said...

Dude, you leave a comment at my place na, if you're tagging? I don't have you guys on reader or anything. Am doing the tag now, thanks.

BTW, I want 8 days a week too!