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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Home in my Garden

Close to the heels of apu's post on critical mass, I chanced upon a new wonder in my garden...A sparrow cross bulbul kind of bird flying out of my croton that peeps from the corner in my garden.
I failed to catch the said bird on my camera. One morning as I was pottering in my garden, I found a same/ similar bird fly out from the croton and I thought this is definitely not a coincidence. What is that bird doing inside the croton?
I discovered sheer joy when I peered inside as against the killimillun (chameleon) that I ususally would discover whenever I peeked inside the croton branches.
My wish come true ...A tiny, freshly constructed brown nest...


Monika said... sweet & your garden looks lovely. Share more pictures

Indian Homemaker said...

Lovely, lovely garden and what a find!!
Maybe you'd be able to take some bird pictures too...
We recently found a baby bird fallen from a nest, and while we were worrying about what we were going to do with it, the next morning, luckily it's parents came and took it away!