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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bihari ? Tabhi....

Shamelessly tagged myself on this one and did a very smilar one ..
You are a Bihari if...
1. You cannot have any meal without the potatoes- infact you cannot cook if you don't have potatoes
2. You are not disappointed if you get peanuts when you were offered badaam.
3. Your vocab include words like- atthi (which is a substitute for any word you cannot get at that moment and the other guy can totally understand you if you say give me atthi, or move off, atthi is coming), khar (crisp/ khasta), chaap (sadakchaap, chappalchaap), chhutihar (faded and looks old), bhannate (swiftly), lesraana (fine line of difference between lesraana which is lazing around and lesraa gaya which means spilled and spread out- think of a diaper accident- you will get the drift), masbhind (immensely lazy), phirant (truant/ spoilt), mota-moti (approximate).
4. You have, at some point of time, been called with your name with syllable "ua" or 'e" or "wa" attached to it -like Ritu is called as Ritua or Neha is called as Nehe or Nehwa and Mitu is called as Mitua and no not always in a contemptuous manner.
5. atleast one elderly in your family refer to someone's wife as uski dulhin. Even if she is no longer a shy new bride.
6. You can have roti and vegetable for all 3 meals happily
7. At any given point of time you would have had a Chotu, Ramu or Kaanti work for you (who would be called as chotu-a, or kaanti-a)
8. When someone says "hug'' an immediate imagery is of the potty before you realize it is just a hug! And when someone says Mercury you know it is the tubelight not the element mercury, or when someone says marketing you do not think of Kotler but of shopping
9. You know what is sattu, litti, bhunjaa, singhaada


Jayashree said...

Itchy, though Iam not a Bihari, I can identify totally with no 1 & 6.

Anonymous said...

hi ... nice post. I am bihari and i can identify with all.
This post will help you to associate with bihari in You.
But i will help you to identify bihari in someone else .. there are two tests identified to find out the bihari :
PS: First test may fail.
1. tell the person to say this sentence " ghora sarak pe sapadr sapadr daurta hai" .
if she/he plays with "R" sound not carefully - means pronunciation goes for a toss for R- then u spotted a bihari.

2. ask him to count from 100 to 110. And if he/she says " ek sau chau(not chah) " u spotted bihari.

Choxbox said...


Parul said...

Hehhehehe, very funny!

Monika said...

Oh this was so funny :)
You ahve been tagged on my blog.

Cee Kay said...

Eeeek!! Most of them fit me too! You think I am a bihari in a UP-ka-Rajasthani disguise??

Anonymous said...

LOL! similarly, if you add an 'u' at the end of every word, then you are a telugu!


ritvik said...

daddy always used to infact still calls me a masbhind !!!!!

SS said...

LOL! you forgot "Mahtiyayiye" :D

Dr. Ally Critter said...

East UP in genes folk identify with all the above as well!

Anonymous said...

Amazing post man, I wanted to explain litti to my husband and I used atleast two athi:)

Megha Bansal said...

Superb! I can identify with all of it :D
The joys of being a Bihari and can be used as easily for UP too :D

I LOLed over 'mercury' and 'hug' so true! even 'xerox'