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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Latest Addition to the Plant Kingdom of my Home

I managed to kill my earlier (un)lucky bamboo- that supposedly sacrificed itself by being at the recieving end of some ill luck... touch wood/ anti-jinx!
I am sure it was more because of my sheer laziness while I was pregnant with Ojas & Tejas. Somehow I couldn't be arsed to pick up a glass of water and replenish the dry bowl. So this time I picked it up at the florist to make up for my negligence and am determined to take good care of it.
The base is a terracota serving plate and the decorations are translucent coloured glass fish and stones.


Phoenixritu said...

I have one that has lasted 2 years and is now looking kind of tired and old ....

Devasena Hariharan said...

Itchy is ther any direction also for placing this. Like some say, while dealing with Feng Shui, you need to be particular about directions.

Monika said...

You are inspiring me to pick up one for myself too. I too have killed one :( but that was a long time ago & I have come a long way.