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Friday, January 09, 2009


We went to a wedding at Park Sheraton the other day.
At the gates, our car was stopped, we were asked to open the boot, then the doors which they opened almost causing our kids hanging on that door to tumble out of the car and only then did they let us go.
The gifts were being collected at the door itself with a person manning it- carefully listing out the gifts collected. We were frisked at the entrance and come to think of it, the whole procedure made me feel better and safer, for whatever it was worth.
Earlier people used to take offence if they were frisked and checked at the gates of a wedding venue just because there is a person with high security needs attending the wedding. It was rare and occassional. Not something happening when ordinary folks like you and me are attending or conducting a party at a hotel.
But the situation has changed and like everything that evolves over a period of time, a security protocol has evolved to include stringent measures and we actually feel okay about it.
It's ok to not give in to the temptation of idling in front of a patch of lilies in a major IT park and just hurry past it now because the Security doing their job may just get suspicious and check upon you.
It's prudent of us to not go to a crowded marketplace during peak hours or before major festivals.
It's a way of life to be cautious, aware and our ancestors living in the wild.
The animal is different now.
PS: The food was lovely though and the fried fish was polished away real quick by the four of us.


Monika said...

I still find some people taking offence as being frisked & I have voiced my opinion quite a few times. The least we can do is co-operate

Mama - Mia said...

yup yup. co-peration is the way to go. am sure they dont enjoy the additional burden either.



Anonymous said...

Sigh! I mourn the fact that we have to live with this siege mentality, but I am all for cooperation and the sense of security one gets.

Monika said...

cooperation is the only way to go but u know sometimes i wonder the way they check will they ever find anything... at this note i have an incident to share will post it

this is what should have been reply to IHM's post when she said how to do write ur posts... my comments become my posts ;-)

Just Like That said...

Sad that the world has become what it is.:-( But better safe than sorry is everybdy's motto now, I guess.
btw, thanks a TON for the award, will post soon.. :-)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I am also all for security checks. My grouse is against the ones that seem half-hearted and are but mere cursory attempts. If you're going to do it, do it right!

Sigh, but I guess this is bette than absolutely nothing.

Unknown said...

I Have no issues with being checked / frisked...

But Whatever Happened to trust, wishes, etc..

Let People Concerned about their security have a small wedding . . .

I am totally against checking @ celebrations (defeats the whole purpose)

b.t.w . If Good Food (yeah Fish included) .... What the heck... It's the food i am bothered about.

dipali said...

With you on the security! One definitely feels safer.

Usha said...

While it is true that none of us resents these security measures anymore, I do feel nostalgic for those days when we felt safe at least in some places.