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Monday, January 12, 2009

What is this yaar?

  1. Why can't the ECG and treadmill section of hospital have multiple robes so that one needn't wear a sweaty stinky one and ruin an otherwise perfect experience at the hospital?
  2. Why can't the sari shop fellas be polite while showing the saris so that you don't have to give them a piece of your mind just to get them in line? Why do they believe that youngish (?), salwar kurta/jeans clad girls are there just to make them unfold saris and then not buy them so that the motivation levels in piling on varieties are very low? We have better work yaar. Or the next time I might just make you unfold atleast 10 saris in each section of your floor just to teach you a lesson.
  3. Why can't the police stop vehicles at the beginning of the road which leads to a point where traffic needs to be sent back or diverted? Why wait until we reach the point and then make us go about turn and cause a traffic jam?
  4. Why do slow moving vehicles take the centre of the road or the rightmost lane and why do buses move diagonally and not straight.
  5. Why do you always spot something much better once you have paid up for something else already?
  6. Why do the neighbouring table's order always look more appealing than what you ordered or why is it that they get their orders much faster than ours?
  7. Why do the most interesting, crucial, unputdownable email/ work/ conversation happen during the last 15 minutes of office hours, compelling you to finish at and be late going back home.
  8. Why do the Security wait till you have switched off the engine or worse come out of the car to tell you that you cannot park there or you need to move your car a micro inch away to be in the right position.


Ratzzz said...

its called Murphy, dear, Murphy... these Murphy laws define d world..

i accept with 7... y oh y??? not only d mail arrives at d crucial time but ur damn computer hangs up at d exact moment... happ to me yday :(

ever noticed, u never get an engaged tone wen u dial d number wrong... GRrr :-|

Just Like That said...
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Just Like That said...

Sooooo with you on pt 7. And most of these 'casual' conversations are struck up by bosses!
of course, occasionally you have the most interesting blog as well ;-)

Monika said...

as the rt said... murphy will never leave us

dipali said...

Such is life, dear, such is bleddy life:(

Anonymous said...

And why does my boss remember something that has to be done immediately when I have just warmed up my lunch?

Why does milk boil over just when I am looking elsewhere?

Mama - Mia said...

you know what amazes is, that inpsite of so many of us agreeing that these things are a nuisance they still happen with alarming regularity!! :(

and yeah whats with slower and bigger vehicles driving on the right! esp autos!!!!! aarrgghh!

Devasena Hariharan said...

Such is the oddities of human life -:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Good questions, don't know the answers.

Paging Mr. Murphy, Mr. Murphy to the rescue...

Usha said...

Why, why, why, Indeed? But it is good to know that everyone has these experiences and I am not the chosen one!

Unknown said...

Point 8 is such a pet peeve that I'm going to pop an artery next time it happens!