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Friday, January 16, 2009

From the Mouth of Ojas & Tejas

After a long day...
Ojas legs tired
Tejas tummy tired

Why is Tejas Hungry?
Tejas takes a pack of dry fruits from the fridge.
Mamma asks- what are you doing baby?
Tejas- Tejas ko bhukki ayee (Tejas is hungry) . You did not give me coffee naa!

Tejas ko bhukki ayee.
Mamma- What do you want?
Tejas- juice. (most often)

Mamma- what will you eat?
Tejas - Tejas kuch nahin khayega. (Tejas will not eat anything)
Mamma- Will you eat chicken sandwich?
Tejas- Yes

Where's the Chicken?
Tejas wanted a sandwich. Mamma made a cheese sandwich.
Tejas- This is not sandwich.
Mamma- what does a sandwich have?
Tejas- Sandwich has bread and it does not have cheese.
So Mamma made a plain bread sandwich.
Tejas- this is not sandwich. Kahan hai chicken? (where's the chicken)
Shop mein buy kiya naa? (like what you bought in the shop)

When 2 wise guys are talking....
Dadda extracts a promise out of Ojas & Tejas- you can have either juice or chocolate or car.
They chose Juice. After a session of juice drinking....
Ojas- Mamma where is the car.
Dadda- You selected juice naa? why are you asking for car now?
Ojas- Ojas is talking to Mamma!


Mama - Mia said...

brilliant stuff dudes!



Choxbox said...


give 'em a hug for me!

Monika said...

smart boys...

Anonymous said...

Smart! Hope you still blog when they are teenagers - they'll come out with brilliant stuff

Monika said...

smart guys. the lats one is too good :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What smart cookies you're raising?

dipali said...

Very clever guys!