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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Blog Meet

The friendly, talkative and extremely busy Choxbox was in town and she was sweet enough to make time to visit my home. She says that this was the first time she was meeting a blogger in person! Isn't it strange that we make an effort to meet people whom we know only through the blogworld? and we can start off on an easy note as if we have known each other for years!
She gifted the kids an exciting picture-story book- Ed and Mr Elephant- The Big Surprise by Lisa Stubbs. This is a simple reader with pretty pictures that look like line drawings coloured in pastel shades. No wonder my kids thought it was a colouring book and made a few marks in pencil on a page. The story is about the red car Ed that takes Mr Elephant on a ride to the "big surprise" through a series of situations like railway crossing, ducklings crossing the zebra crossing, fire engine, rains etc. The fun part is not everything is narrated - some of the scenarios have to be interpreted and explained and the pictures are cues to many side plots in the story- like count the number of ducklings, or what can you see inside the park or who is the engine driver etc. A very interactive and child friendly book.


Monika said...

oh.... thats so nice... u should travel this side too... to banglore i mean

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

It's always such a thrill to meet fellow bloggers...something so special about it all.

Mama - Mia said...

what fun!! :)

Monika said...

Oh so nice. Sounds liek a lovley meeting .

Choxbox said...

i should've named myself chatterbox instead of choxbox.

was great meeting you guys. your kids really are darlings. they were talking to me like they knew me since ages. glad they liked the book. btw i never noticed the sub-plots!

thanks for the lifts both times.