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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Holistic Weight Management- The Mathematics of Calories

Weight Management Mantra
Cousin R discusses how he manages his weight.
I do yoga but I am unable to exercise sufficient control over my food intake. Anyway, I am managing to keep my weight constant…
…at 103 kg

Have your dietician figure out the daily calorie intake for you.
Identify the quantity of calories you take per day vs what you require per day. Also calculate the calorie deficit you need to create to ensure weight loss.
To achieve this deficit, work out a plan of fewer calories in (diet) and more calories out (exercise). Diet alone does not help in sustaining the weight loss.

Start with a 15-20% deficit from your current body weight and work towards your goal.
1. Replace full-calorie food with low-calorie options
2. Choose small servings
3. Eat slow-down foods - an orange instead of orange juice.
4. Drink lots of water
5. Follow a daily food plan -impulsive choices tend to be high in calories
6. Compensate for the occasional lapses in your next meal
7. Alter/ Increase the intensity of work out to avoid the body getting used to the same pattern


Just Like That said...

103- I guess you were not kidding abt your being overweight. Good luck with your diet and gymming and hope you lose those kilos steadily..

Itchingtowrite said...

JLT- setting the record straight. that's not me i am talking abt

Just Like That said...

Am truly sorry, Itchy! That was your cousin R... you were talking about.
103 for a woman was huge and I was wondering how your arms didn't look so F-A-T in that pic with Ojas and Tejas.
Glad you were not talking abt you, sorry for the misunderstanding

Something to Say said...

o wow - u really are serious about ur weight loss stuff. I have been planning to go to the gym for the past 1 year :(

Anonymous said...

Great Tips Itchy - I needed those reminders!!

Cuckoo said...

Well, I try on and off to lose weight too.. and trust me, i AM fat! But one thing I def do is not not eat after 8.00 p.m (two hours before bed) Starting next week, am thinking, no staple foods (Read rice, rotis of any kind) after 6.00 p.m)

I guess that should help.