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Friday, June 22, 2007


1. Child gates installed for the open kitchen- so that they don’t operate the gas (believe me they do attempt), or empty the kitchen drawers or arrange the plates for us
2. Knifes, gas lighter and glass items out of reach
3. No placemats or tablecloth or newspapers hanging from the table with vessels or food placed on them- they are eager to pull them down
4. In fact 1 foot space of any table or kitchen counter is unoccupied – the space will widen I am sure
5. Dining chairs upturned just and placed between the wall & the table or under the dining table. They stand on them without support and climb on the table from there
6. All cupboards installed with locks so that they don’t open them and remove all contents
7. All side tables removed – glass tops and glass showcase doors unhinged and kept out of reach
8. Garbage bin secluded, floor cleaners are never taken out when they are watching
9. Clothes clip, bottle caps, glass bangles, medicines out of sight
10. Low plug points sealed with masking tapes- some of the switches also pressed down with tapes
11. Telephone cables taped to the walls
12. Instant water heater switched off before they get into the bath
13. Toilets always closed, their potty chair out of reach- ensure always cleaned (I have caught them pretending to drink from it), buckets always empty
14. That attractive drool-worthy standing lamp – never purchased
15. Glass flowers from Takashimaya, Singapore- out of sight, out of reach
16. photo frames- no doubt their endearing love for our photos is flattering- yet placed out of reach
17. If the door is opened, the grill has to be locked- they love to take a stroll in the garden
18. That bold & stubborn black & white cat out of touching distance
19. fridge- locked
20. cell phone charger- ensure not left hanging from the plug and not left on and within reach- they love to poke the end into their ear, nose or mouth
21. cupboards- locked- they have not yet tried hide n seek in the cupboards
22. A/C- could not save the louvers from getting mangled
23. Master bedroom- locked until I come home- lesser the number of rooms they can access, the easier for the caretakers to take care
24. Car- Automatic windows not operated until their hands are held by an adult. The adult gets down first and then removes the child, else he may run into the path of another vehicle (even while parking at home). If the child is inside, the door is not closed until an adult gets inside and holds the hands. Also don't want any accidental locking to happen while the keys may be inside the car.
25. Self- ensure bangles/ chains do not hurt the baby, no sharp embroidery/ pins in the clothes, nails cut short and clean
26. Child itself- nappy pins not sticking out, nails cut, chains not used - they may try to pull it and choke on it
27. Not to forget the mountain of pillows used to block their route while sleeping- if necessary sleep on the floor


Just Like That said...

LOL! You sure do seem to have thought of everything.
But am complacent that Tejas and Ojas will find out some new bit of mischief. After all, two heads are better than one surely...? :-) Have a nice weekend.

Cinamon said...

great list. i can just implement it as is. thanks so much.

WhatsInAName said...

:) Been there and done all that! To add a few more
~ The shoe rack got locked
~ The open TV stand got a new door
~ Carpet rolled and dumped in the loft

Nostalgic article lol

rayshma said...

u have SO psyched me out abt having a kid. loved d list, however. and think i shall save it for future reference. *oh yes, someday, i'll want to have a kid!*

Sue said...

I can relate :( The same thing has begun at my place... They do change your life, these kids!

Kimberly El-Sadek said...

I remember those days. Although apart from locking cupboards, gates, and outlet plugs I left everything in its place and taught mini-me not to touch things. It was a pain and many hand slaps and no-no's were issued but it paid dividends being able to take her anywhere and not have her touch anything. I don't know that I could have pulled it off with double-trouble though :)

Anonymous said...

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Noodlehead said...

hey, nice list...i'll save it for future use. never would have thought putting the fridge on the list! goes to show how much i have to learn :)

Something to Say said...

phew!! thats a long list.
Psst - do something about the door locks too. Sonny has managed to lock me outside the house too - as I stepped out for 1 sec!!

Sunita said...

On Dot. Joyce has started climbing over chairs and on to the dinning table. We have joined 2 ends of the table to the wall but she pulls out the remaining chairs and climbs over.

Anonymous said...

wow.. so when I have a kid I'll probably live in a room with just 4 walls and a roof! :-(