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Monday, June 18, 2007

"Grand" Weekend

Celebrated hubby’s increment and brother’s job with the buffet lunch at GRT Grand Days. Reached late and the “buffet closed” sign was up. But the banquet manager suggested that we take a look at the buffet and see if we are okay with it and he could try to persuade the cook to do a few naans for us. Rs 450 plus taxes seemed to be too decent to ignore for the 4 of us. Even if a few dishes are in short supply, the choice is much grander than what we could do ala carte. (Nice guy).
The buffet spread … well, to put it correctly – will turn one on
We did the paani puri.
We did the Mexican wraps- the semi-circular flour mould with Mexican style chicken salad filling- must do- I could do an entire meal of it alone.
We did the entire spread of the non-veg section.
We don’t do the veg section.
Between us we sampled all the desserts- European, Continental, Indian- The chocolate fountain was drool worthy. I could have taken it home. Even the ice cream tasted exotic. The maal pua was bad.
The cold chocolate fooled us- we thought it was cold coffee.
Not to forget the good time my kids had doing the glass elevator- going from lobby to 9th floor & down- twice. .
Next stop was Spencer’s mall. The new extended Westside for those who haven’t been there yet is a must go. For those who have, forgive the late news- I am a little slow on the shopping bit now.
And yes the guilt-demon that was nagging me became a full blown guilt trip- when size M did not fit, L was unavailable (rule of shopping- what you need will be unavailable) & size XL was too shapeless in some parts. Anyway for those who are in good shape they have a lovely collection of whites and kurtas with a riot of colours. There is a buy 2 get 1 free happening for kids. I would have preferred by 2 get 2 or I need to buy at least 4 to get an even number for my kids.


Usha said...

mm.yum. You know what , it is the dessert section that makes me go for buffets. I usually ignore the main course and taste every dessert on the menu.

Kimberly El-Sadek said...

Mexican in India.....interesting although not far fetched since many of the ingredients are the same but combined differently. Can you buy tortillas in the store there? If you want recipes let me know.

As far as clothing sizes go-don't worry about what's on the tag. Eat well, get plenty of rest, stay active and let your body do what it's inclined to do. At least you fit in sizes they sell on the rack in India. All my clothes I bought there had to be custom stitched!

Collection Of Stars said...

"We don’t do the veg section." :)
That was a funny post...I enjoyed it. Looks like you had a great lunch :)

Minal said...

hey was in chennai last week for a day, for some official work. cheked out some saree shops. you have an amazing range of choice out there. Though, am not much of a saree person but picked quite a few for gifts . looks good to me!