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Friday, May 18, 2012

Stone Eggs

Did you know?
 'I am the terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex from faraway North Amerca. And I had some pretty fierce cousins in India such as Indosuchus matleyi, Indosuchus raptorius and Rajasaurus narmadiensis.'
Well neither did I until I got to read this book on Indian Dinosaurs that Tulika books sent me for reviewing. 

Meant for kids above 6 years, this book is told in a fiction format yet talking about facts about the sighting of dinosaur fossils in India, including dinosaur remains like bones, skin and even turd, fossilised eggs, and even footprints.

Sankar and Sandhya are playing near their grandma's house and what did they find there? Huge stones which were so unique that they wanted to make a keepsake out of them. However their father and Nile had a doubt. These didnt look like ordinary stones but were perhaps one other than dino eggs - a valuable find in tracing the path of dinosaurs and their movement across the globe. 

Can you guess where exactly were dinosaur fossils found in India?
Read this lovely book to find out more and know more on the eating and hunting habits of various types of dinos. 

Cute illustrations make it very easy for young readers to understand the story.

Title- Stone Eggs - A Story Aout Indian Dinosaurs
Author- Helen Rundgren
Illustrator - Soumya Menon
Price- Rs 150
Publisher- Tulika

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