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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It Is Really Not Funny When

The kids clink or rather chink steel glasses filled with juice together and say Cheers before drinking it


Your kid leaves a souvenir (from) behind in the doctor's office and the doctor very obviously sprays the air freshener to clear the air


Your kids expect you to detour to Lifestyle and buy him a beyblade because according to them you have money, now that you have gone to office. (Daily wages waala samajh ke rakha hai)

When the kid argues that since last 6 years we have been listening to music in the car, he is entitled to watch cartoon in the newly installed TV of today's calculation, "song is more" so TV must be played enough to compensate for it.


~nm said...

ROFL at each of them!!

Talking about daily wages, my son asked me to work overtime so that we can get extra money to get him a toy that was expensive :P

maxsamuel said...

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