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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beware the Blogger Observes

Club Mahindra Goa

1. Swimming Shorts to the breakfast buffet...nah, my senses do not approve

2. What a brat you are. Dragging the hotel towel all the way from the beach to the room. Where are your manners? Dumped into the sea along with your senses?

3. No don't get shocked. Your elaborate buffet menu with a huge Jain collection is not enough. Just not enough for the non veggie freaks like me. Even the desserts are healthy. Come off it yaar.

4. Err, lady, young kid you may be but you do not drag off a chair from my table just because it is empty at this moment. What do you expect, my husband will hunt around for another chair when he comes back with a loaded chair. The right thing to do is ask. May I. Is this chair vacant.

5. Now that my kids are safely past that age, can I just say this aloud? Your tiny mini kids that roam around loose in the buffet area are not cute. They are annoying when they happen to obstruct your free movement towards the loaded buffet area. I watch my ankle level anxiously as they are just that height and may trip you en route. 

6. Don't just walk in full speed and then stand at the corner and look into the horizon. I would have just dashed against you with my loaded plate.

7. What the hell are you doing standing in one corner in the 3 feet deep pool. Arre take your 6 feet self to the bigger pool. Let the kids play in the smaller one.

8. Did you just call me aunty? Sigh you kids. Don't you know how it hurts?

9. I love the way the used plates are stacked on my table. Don't remove them. I want to take stock off how much we have eaten. 

10. Slow service complemented by unlimited papads. Not liked. Seems to be a problem across restaurants in Goa.

11. Mutton Vindaloo. Yumm. King Fish yumm. Tender Coconut Ice cream from Naturals ... super like. 

12. Private beach. Superb.  


~nm said...

Haha...too good.

But now I'm sad...I also want to have chhutti in goa :'(

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