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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Make Your Own Fun

Ever wonder what happened to the games we used to play as kids to amuse ourselves, when there was no source of entertainment like tv, hand held games, computers and all. 
We designed our own games or played those that were handed over by generations of kids before us. 

We had our favourite hop scotch and five stones and snake and ladders, ancient games that are historically connected to India and various games using a deck of cards.

This book is a collection of various games divided into sections like outdoors, indoors, creative make and do like puppets etc, holiday games, car journey games, party games, special occasion games etc.

Each page tells us exactly what we need and how to play these games. 
A lovely collection for those who want to make life a little more interesting for kids who ar aleays glued to the TV of to throw an interesting party.

Title- Make Your Own Fun
Author- Josie Currian
Price- Rs 299
Publisher- panmacmillan

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