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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Buddhu Banaya

One evening Mamma was not opening the door as she didn't want the home to get messy with the entire gang of playing kids coming inside.

Suddenly there is a combined shout from outside the door.

Mamma/ Aunty- Courier (pronounced Koa-riar)

Mamma eagerly opens the door.

The gang walks in giggling and heads for the kitchen to drink water and leave behind black shoe prints

The gang tries the same trick again but it doesn't work on Smart Mamma

Ojas/ Tejas- Mamma, I have a surprise.

Mamma couldn't contain her curiosity and opens the door.

Both present Mamma with a handful of flowers. 

Mamma melts on the spot 

Gang streams in laughing at gullible Mamma.

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Ranjooo said...

I have been reading your blog and its such a pleasure to know about your cute munchkins...